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We will be delighted to meet you at one of the following exhibitions. If you are interested in our AFM's applications in data storage industry, please come and see us at  our booth at the upcoming Diskcon USA 2008. For those of you who are based in Asia region, Park Systems' presentation at IDEMA Asia Pacific Travelling Symposium will be a perfect opportunity to get up-to-date with our latest development in dimensional nanometrology and its application to HDD industry.    

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Innovation Zone, Diskcon USA 2008, Santa Clara, USA

Dr Ryan Yoo will be giving a 30-minute talk on Park Systems' latest development on automated AFM for hard disk drive industry. Park Systems' unique strength to deliver customized solutions to HDD sector led to the signing of master development agreement with Seagate Technology, the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of hard disk drives. Another global leader in HDD industry also recently signed a development agreement with Park Systems for customized AFM solution to their wafer fab processes.

The talk is open to all attendees of Diskcon USA 2008. For further information and reservation of your seat, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IDEMA Asia Pacific Travelling Symposium, October 17th and 20th, China and Thailand

Travelling Symposium organized by IDEMA serves as an excellent opportunity for networking and exchanging the latest information and news within the hard disk drive industry. Dr Ryan Yoo will be giving an invited talk entitled "Dimensional Nanometrology with Atomic Force Microscopy" at the Travelling Symposium in China and Thailand. Dr Yoo's presentation will provide the latest update on Park Systems' technology development in inline AFM solutions including the innovative approach to automate inline slider characterization and measure undercut structures.  For further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Park Systems' strong presence at ICN+T 2008


Park Systems' company symposium at ICN+T 2008 has been well attended with more than 100 participants out of around 450 conference attendees. Park Systems' new product XE-Bio has been displayed at the exhibition drawing many interests from biophysicists and researchers interested in AFM's application in life science sector. Park Systems' CEO, Dr Sang-il Park was invited to give a talk on "Dimensional Nanometrology with Atomic Force Microscopy", which was also well received by over 100 enthusiastic attendees.

ISO 9001 Certificate

Park Systems has now received the ISO 9001 Certificate.  It certifies that Park Systems' quality management system is appropriate to the standard of ISO 9001.

Images by XE-AFM


Topography and Stiffness Measurement of the Pole-Tip Recession (PTR) area

Control over the pole-tip recession (PTR) of a hard disk head has critical importance in the quality control of hard disk drive manufacturing processes. By way of monitoring the cantilever interaction with the sample surface, AFM provides metrological information of the PTR area in sub-nanometer scale. Although the cantilever is maneuvered with sensitivity, the oscillation of the cantilever may distort the topography data unless the amplitude of the oscillation is set properly. When the cantilever is driven with too large oscillation, as is the case in tapping mode, the difference in stiffness can be reflected in the cantilever deflection, which results in the deviation of the data from the real topography. True Non-Contact mode, however, regulates the oscillation minimally, hence minimizes the influence of the stiffness difference. As a result, the acquired PTR data gains high repeatability and reproducibility leading to increased manufacturing productivity.

The left image is the topography of the PTR area, which shows the read pole in the middle. The right image is the corresponding stiffness map of the area, where the difference in stiffness is revealed by FMM (force modulation microscopy).

Click here for a view of other AFM images taken by Park Systems XE-series.

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