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Nano Tech 2014
Jan 29th ~ 31th
Tokyo, Japan

58th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting
Feb 15th ~ 19th
San Francisco, USA

SEMICON China 2014
March 18th ~ 20th
Shanghai, China

Enabling Nanoscale Advances
 icon Featured Application: PinPoint Conductive AFM
PinPoint Conductive AFM was developed for well defined electrical contact between the tip and the sample. The XY scanner stops as the electrical current is acquired with contact time controlled by the user. PinPoint Conductive AFM allows higher spatial resolution, without lateral force, with optimized current measurement over different sample surface. The comparison of conductive AFM images of ZnO nanorods show that while conventional contact conductive AFM may have a higher current measurement than tapping conductive AFM, its resolution is compromised as the tip wears out in contact mode topography. The new PinPoint conductive AFM shows the best of both higher spatial resolution and optimized current measurement. READ MORE
icon Featured Product: Park NX20
nx20 img Park NX20, the leading nanometrology tool for failure analysis and large sample research, is equipped with unique features that make it easier to uncover the reasons behind device failure and develop more creative solutions. Its unparalleled precision provides high resolution data that lets you focus on your work, while its True Non-Contact Mode™ scan keeps tips sharp longer, so you won’t have to waste as much time and money replacing them.
icon Park Interview Series: Insights from Industry
park-ceo In this interview, Dr. Sang-il Park, CEO and chairman of Park Systems, talks about his company’s current business position in industry manufacturing, and tells AZoNano about the new product, Park NX20, and its groundbreaking measurement accuracy for failure analysis laboratories. Coming Soon
New Park AFM
Q1 Webinar
Park AFM Failure Analysis Mode
AFM PinPoint Conductive AFM
Extremely accurate conductive measurement technology at nano-scale resolution for FA in the semiconductor industry
Coming Soon
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