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In this Issue: Featured Application Featured Product News and Events  Upcoming Exhibitions  Images from Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) AFM                                              

Featured Application

Critical Roughness Measurement

Roughness measured on the XE series AFMs are quick and easy from extreme roughness values over large scan areas to minute features for small scan areas.  The effectiveness of the instrument for roughness measurements places in its as low as sub-angstrom noise floor, allowing measurements of the smoothest samples with accuracy, repeatability, and long tip lifetime.

The high bandwidth Z- actuator enables imaging of smooth or rough surfaces without damage to the tip or the sample.  The low-coherence optical source prevents optical interference from creating false waviness in an image. The decoupled XY & Z scanner prevents artificial bow in the image.  Therefore accurate roughness values for a variety of samples can be measured.  Extrememly low roughness samples can be easily measured with the XE-series AFMs.

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Featured Product

XE-WAFER: Automated Industrial AFM forIn-line Wafer Inspection and Metrology

The XE-Wafer is a fully automated industrial AFM that can acquire surface roughness, depth, and angle measurements on 200 mm & 300 mm wafers with speed, precision, and value in a production environment.  The XE-WAFER offers a non-destructive, in-line imaging tool capable of providing high resolution, direct, and repeatable measurements on multiple locations without damaging the sample. The increased precision and ability to monitor line-width roughness will lead allow process engineers to produce devices with higher performance, at a significantly lower cost than FIB/SEM.

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News and Events

Park Systems Launched Chinese & Japanese Websites

Park Systems, the leading nanotechnology solutions partner of nanoscale measurements, launched multi language websites to meet the needs of ever-growing number of AFM users in China (www.parkafm.cn) and Japan (www.parkafm.co.jp). The newly launched websites have been created to provide our Chinese and Japanese partners, customers and users with a website that covers product information, company profile, press releases and specifications in their ‘local’ language.

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Park Systems Mobile Site Launched

Park Systems has launched a special mobile website to make it easier for those visitors using mobile devices to access the latest information and news on Park Systems website (www.parkafm.com). 

Visitors who use a mobile phone or other mobile device to navigate to the Park Systems site will now be automatically redirected to the mobile website, where they can view the products, applications, image gallery, contacts info, latest news and upcoming events. The mobile home page is designed to be light on data usage and to make it simple with the top headlines while on the move.

A link at the top and bottom of the page enables users to navigate to the desktop site if they want to access the full extent of information and facilities available on the main website.


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Upcoming Exhibitions

Biophysical Society of Japan Meeting, September 16~18, 2011, Himeji, Japan

Park Systems, the leading nanotechnology solutions partner of nanoscale measurements, will be participating in Biophysical Society of Japan 49th Annual Meeting in Sendai, Japan. Come and learn about the XE-Bio, our powerful 3-in-1 research tool that combines the imaging capabilities of AFM, ICM, and optical microscopy for the ultimate in non-invasive in-liquid imaging. The XE-Bio features Ion Conductance Microscopy (ICM) and the industry’s only True Non-Contact AFM on the same inverted optical microscope platform, all with a modular design that allows for easy switching between AFM and ICM. The XE-Bio is ideal for imaging living cells and other biological samples in dynamic conditions, and can be adapted to probe a host of powerful applications in nanoscale electrophysiology. See the latest innovation in live cell imaging and learn about non-invasive, high resolution, in-liquid imaging technique for live cells.

Diskcon USA 2011, October 19~20, 2011, Santa Clara, USA

Park Systems, the leading nanotechnology solutions partner of nanoscale measurements, will exhibit at the Diskcon USA 2011 in Santa Clara, USA, October 19th to 20th. Please come and visit us at Booth 201 to learn our industrial product line. Park Systems will be featuring a wide range of industrial AFM products for all aspects of disk characterization, from automatic defect review to undercut and sidewall measurement. Learn about the XE-HDM, our automated industrial XE-series AFM, specially designed for hard disk media and substrate applications. With newly developed features designed for user convenience and safety, the XE-HDM combines the superb performance of the XE-series AFM with the high-throughput capability required by hard disk media manufacturers. Also, discover the XE-3DM, Park Systems’ new 3D AFM, utilizing True Non-Contact mode for the non-destructive sidewall roughness measurement of soft photoresist structures. With its unique tilt head capability, the XE-3DM is a breakthrough in high resolution 3D AFM measurements.

The 31th Annual LSI Testing Symposium, November 10~12, 2011, Osaka, Japan

Park Systems, the leading nanotechnology solutions partner of nanoscale measurements, warmly invites you to the 31th annual LSI Testing Symposium in Osaka, Japan Nov. 10th~ 12thPark Systems, in its continuing efforts to provide our customers with metrology solutions for today’s challenges in device manufacturing, will be featuring a range of automated AFM products for in-line inspection in wafer manufacturing.  The capabilities of our featured systems range from critical dimension measurement to undercut and sidewall characterization. LSI Testing Symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the XE-Wafer, our automated industrial AFM for in-line wafer inspection and metrology of 200 mm and 300 mm wafers, and the XE-3DM, our new 3D AFM for high resolution 3D metrology with patented tilted Z-scan system.  The XE-3DM is a breakthrough in high resolution imaging of deep undercut structures and sidewalls. In addition, our True Non-Contact ModeTM enables non-destructive measurement of soft photoresist surface with high aspect ratio tips.  Come and discover Park Systems’ fully automated AFM solutions for process monitoring and characterization of critical topographies!

Images from Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) AFM

Comparion Chart of True Non-Contact ModeTM vs. Tapping Mode in Roughness Measurement (CrN Sample)


Compare to tapping mode, True Non-Contact ModeTM shows great repeatability which indicates there is no noticeable tip wearing during the measurements.

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