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Welcome to Park Systems’ Q3, 2010 Newsletter

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Featured Application

AutomaticDefect Review

Automatic Defect Review (ADR) for hard disk media and substrates provides a 500-800% gain in throughput compared to current manual methods. With automated reference marker detection, stage mapping, transfer of Candela defect maps, survey & zoom-in imaging, and profiling of imaged defect types, ADR allows automated defect identification and analysis with a success rate of over 95%. Also, with Park Systems’ True Non-contact mode it increases tip life significantly which enables, with a single tip, the complete full cycle run of samples that contains 100s of defects.  Click here for further information on the application of ADR.

Featured Product


Park Systems, the AFM technology leader and preferred nanotechnology solutions partner for nanoscale research and industrial measurements, introduces the XE-HDM, the automatic defect review (ADR) AFM.  The XE-HDM with ADR revolutionizes the way defects on HDD substrates and media are searched, scanned, and analyzed. The XE-HDM significantly increases throughput for the defect review process; test runs with real defects demonstrate a 5x-8x increase in throughput when compared with other methods of defect review. A unique decoupled XY design with a flat scanning stage that performs artifact free and non-destructive imaging is the core component of the XE-HDM’s Crosstalk Elimination (XE) system.  As with all the XE-series AFMs, True Non-Contact Mode allows longer tip life for general purposes and defect imaging; tests on defect imaging demonstrated a 10x increase in tip life.  Click here for the detailed product information.

News and Events

Veeco to sellmetrology business to Bruker Corporation

Santa Barbara, USA, August 18, 2010 - Veeco Instruments has revealed the completion of the sale of its metrology business unit to Bruker, provider of high-performance solutions and scientific instruments for molecular and materials research. The transaction has been approved by the Board of Directors of both companies and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2010, pending regulatory review and subject to customary closing conditions. The sale will transfer Veeco's worldwide metrology business to Bruker, including Veeco's Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) business in Santa Barbara, CA and its Optical Industrial Metrology (OIM) business in Tucson, AZ, as well as Veeco's associated global AFM/OIM field sales and support organization. Veeco will account for the Metrology business segment as a "discontinued operation" effective August 15, 2010.  Click here for the rest of the news article.

Park Systems has launched a new website!

Suwon, South Korea, August 24, 2010– Park Systems, the AFM technology leader and preferred nanotechnology solutions partner, launched a brand new website this month.  The website, www.parkafm.com, is an interactive, visitor-focused site.  Many of the design features of the new website were made in direct response to the requests received from customers around the world.

The website embodies the company’s forward–thinking vision and commitment to the needs of its growing customer base, showcasing:

- AFM Solutions
- AFM Technology 
- AFM Buyer’s Guide
- Products
- Image Gallery Click 
here for the rest of the news article.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Diskcon USA 2010, September 9th~10th, Santa Clara, USA

You are cordially invited to Diskcon USA 2010 in Santa Clara, USA Sep. 9th~ 10th. Come visit Park Systems (Booth 303) and learn more about our industrial product line. Park Systems will be featuring a wide range of industrial AFM products for all aspects of disk characterization, from automatic defect review to undercut and sidewall measurement. Learn about the XE-HDM, our automated industrial XE-series AFM, specially designed for hard disk media and substrate applications. With newly developed features designed for user convenience and safety, the XE-HDM combines the superb performance of the XE-series AFM with the high-throughput capability required by hard disk media manufacturers. Also, discover the XE-3DM, Park Systems’ new 3D AFM, utilizing True Non-Contact mode for the non-destructive sidewall roughness measurement of soft photoresist structures. With its unique tilt head capability, the XE-3DM is a breakthrough in high resolution 3D AFM measurements.

Biophysical Society of Japan 48th Annual Meeting, September 20th~22nd, Sendai, Japan

Park Systems will be participating in Biophysical Society of Japan 48th Annual Meeting in Sendai, Japan. Come and learn about the XE-Bio, our powerful 3-in-1 research tool that combines the imaging capabilities of AFM, ICM, and optical microscopy for the ultimate in non-invasive in-liquid imaging. The XE-Bio features Ion Conductance Microscopy (ICM) and the industry’s only True Non-Contact AFM on the same inverted optical microscope platform, all with a modular design that allows for easy switching between AFM and ICM. The XE-Bio is ideal for imaging living cells and other biological samples in dynamic conditions, and can be adapted to probe a host of powerful applications in nanoscale electrophysiology. See the latest innovation in live cell imaging and learn about non-invasive, high resolution, in-liquid imaging technique for live cells.

The Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE) 2010, September 27th~29th, Nagoya, Japan

Park Systems warmly invites you to the Japan Society for Precision Engineering Autumn Meeting in Nagoya, Japan Sep. 27th~ 29th. Learn about our award-winning XE-100, which provides artifact-free imaging via Crosstalk Elimination (XE) and offers the ultimate in AFM resolution with True Non-Contact mode. Also, find out more about the XE-150, our premier cross-functional AFM with motorized sample stage, and the XE-Bio, our new AFM for live cell imaging with Ion Conductance Microscopy (ICM). 

Images from Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) AFM

XE-HDM: Automatic Defect Review for Substrates & Media

 Using the defect location map provided from a CandelaTM tool, the XE-HDM automatically goes to the defect location and images the defects in two steps; a larger, survey scan image to refine the location and then a smaller, zoom-in scan image to obtain the details of the defect.


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