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The cover story image on the left was taken using Park NX20AFM from Park Systems at The Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre by Griffith University, Australia. It shows the 3D image and its measurements of the etched sidewall of a silicon carbide (SiC) film.

With the conventional atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems from others, engineers struggle to capture sidewall images that produced meaningful results: clean and precise images with accurate measurements at nano-scale resolution. The challenge with other AFMs is the difficulty of accessing sample’s sidewall due to their AFM tip’s finite angle limitation. On the other hand, with Park AFM systems, engineers and scientists can accurately image the sidewall by tilting the stage and scanning the sample with ease. Furthermore, Park AFM is capable of detecting the sidewall and the surface of the sample, and measuring the angle. This is made possible thanks to Park’s innovative AFM architecture that provides independent XY stage and Z scanner movements, and Park’s unique True Non-Contact™technology. Park’s True Non-Contact™ technology detects sidewall forces, and provides continuous top nano-scale resolution without degradation because of its minimal tip wear.

Park NX20 is the leading AFM system from Park Systems for failure analysis (FA) and large sample research in nano-scale metrology. Park NX20 is equipped with many innovative features that enable engineers to uncover the reasons behind their device failure, and help them develop creative solutions for it. Park NX20 provides the users with unparalleled accuracy and high-resolution data with longer lasting tips, saving the users time and money.

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