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Park Systems introduces the NX20, a high-end, large sample atomic force microscope (AFM) for failure analysis (FA) and quality assurance (QA) laboratories that will benefit from the best available accuracy and reliability. The NX20 is the newest model of the NX product line with the world’s most accurate AFM. Designed for the needs of FA and QA in the hard disk drive and semiconductor industries, the NX20 stands out for its unmatched non-contact mode that guarantees long-running probe tip sharpness. That’s the key to the highest accuracy and repeatability for roughness measurement and defect review. It’s also key to high productivity and the lowest AFM lifecycle costs. 

Santa Clara, California, November 19, 2012


release-topquote “Our technology has been proven in the most demanding applications for nanoscale measurements in industry,” said Dr. Sang-il Park, the founder and CEO of Park Systems. “NX20 builds on Park's long history of technology leadership in AFM accuracy and its reputation as the nanotechnology solutions partner to research and industry. Our True Non-Contact Mode preserves the tip for much longer tip life and provides the most accurate measurements and images available for the most critical analysis requirements.” release-bottomquote


The advantages of the NX20 for FA and QA highlight Park’s True Non-Contact ModeTM where the probe tip reliably remains above the surface of the sample, thanks to the decoupled Z-dimension positioning servo with the fastest response time in the industry. With True Non-Contact ModeTM Park technology delivers non-contact AFM imaging without compromising measurement accuracy or user productivity. It also dramatically reduces tip replacement costs by extending tip lifetime. The NX20 also features True Sample TopographyTM, Park’s unique technology for measuring the Z position with an industry-leading low noise Z-detector. This feature removes the effects of edge overshoot or piezo creep. Park AFM technology provides FA and QA labs with extremely accurate surface roughness measurements for media and substrates, defect review imaging and analysis, high resolution electrical scan mode and with decoupled XY scanning, sidewall measurments for 3D structure study. 

“As critical dimensions shrink and device complexity increases, the quality of your data is critical for the success of your research, analysis, and ultimately device yield. The key to quality results is accuracy at the nanoscale. Accurate and repeatable measurements mean greater productivity, better analyses and better business results. With Park NX20’s True Non-Contact Mode, AFM tips last 10 times longer saving time and money. Park NX20’s True Sample TopographyTM enables accurate surface height recording of sample surface with its industry leading low noise Z detector,” said Ryan Yoo, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “Park understands the industry need for an advanced AFM with an affordable lifecycle cost that delivers the accuracy, productivity and reliability. This is how Park has become the AFM of choice in the hard disk and semiconductor industry.” 

With the introduction of the NX20, Park Systems launches an AFM built for the needs of FA and QA labs. The high-end, large sample design provides the accuracy and productivity demanded by manufacturing semiconductors and disk drives, while lowering life-cycle costs. It also addresses the future with the flexibility to add a multitude of available AFM modes, including advanced options and modes for FA and QA that are in development. Technical data and sample measurements are available on request. For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.parkAFM.com/nx. 

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Park Systems serves its customers by providing a complete range of AFM solutions including AFM systems, options and software, along with global service and support. Park Systems is the leading nanotechnology solutions partner for nanoscale measurements and systems for both research and industry. The product line of Park Systems reflects its focused strength to help customers achieve the metrology performance that meets the needs and requirements of present and future applications. Since improvements in nanometrology are key to enabling tomorrow's research, analysis, processing and product manufacturing, the innovative technology and market leadership of Park Systems in the field of nanometrology will remain as the core competence and market driving force of its future business. Park’s manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in Suwon, South Korea. Global sales and service offices are located throughout the U.S., Japan, and Singapore. For more information, visit www.parkAFM.com.

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