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Suwon, South Korea, Feb.11, 2010


Park Systems’ XE-3DM was featured on the front cover of Microscopy and Analysis™(M&A) magazine. The 3D image of an overhang structure on the front cover was imaged with Park Systems’ new 3D atomic force microscope. The new XE-3DM is designed for overhang and trench profiles, sidewall roughness imaging, and critical angle measurements.


Last month, the XE-3DM patent applications has been allowed in the United States further expanding upon its worldwide protection. US application 11/601,144, filed by Park Systems Corp. with an international priority date of November 17, 2006, covers Park Systems' unique method of a high resolution sidewall imaging by deliberately and independently tilting the Z-scanner in its patented Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) AFM platform where XY and Z scanners are completely and independently decoupled.


Combined with non-contact AFM imaging by its patented high bandwidth Z-scanner, Park Systems' XE-3DM technology offers non-destructive characterization of soft sample surface such as photoresist. Unlike the flared tips, the probes used on the new 3D-AFM maintain the high aspect ratio and sharp tip radius, typically less than 10 nm, providing the accurate metrology of critical dimension along with sidewall roughness. Since its inception, Park Systems has established itself as an innovator and technology leader of the atomic force microscope and the company continues to expand its AFM product offerings by licensing and supporting its technology with partners, to bring cutting-edge AFM solutions to market. Click here to see cover picture & story on M&A magazine.

About XE-3DM 

The XE-3DM, the fully automated AFM system, is designed for overhang and trench profiles, sidewall roughness and imaging, and critical angle measurements. The unique design of the XE-3DM, made possible by the XE-series' decoupled XY and Z scanning system, allows for characterization of undercut features as well as top surfaces. In addition, combined with Park Systems' True Non-Contact mode, the XE-3DM can realize non-destructive imaging of soft photoresist structures without deforming or damaging them. Further information on the XE-3DM, please click here. 

About Park Systems 

Park Systems serves its customers by providing a complete range of AFM solutions including AFM systems, options and software, along with global service and support. Park Systems is the technology leader of nanoscale measurements and systems for both research and industry. The product line of Park Systems reflects its focused strength to help customers achieve the metrology performance that meets the needs and requirements of present and future applications. Since improvements in nanometrology are key to enabling tomorrow's research, analysis, processing and product manufacturing, the innovative technology and market leadership of Park Systems in the field of nanmetrology will remain as the core competence and market driving force of its future business. Park Systems' manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in Suwon, South Korea. Global sales and service offices are located throughout the U.S., Japan, and Singapore. For more information, visit www.parkAFM.com.


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