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Building upon the strength of its state-of-the-art conductive-AFM options, Park Systems has developed a ground-breaking capability of Time-Resolved Photocurrent Mapping (Tr-PCM). The mapping mode measures the temporal response of photo-sensitive materials to time-resolved illumination without any interference from unwanted light source including AFM’s feedback laser. 

• Time-domain spectroscopy of photocurrent excitation by monitoring the response of photosensitive materials to the time-resolved light illumination 

• Performing automated spectroscopic analysis of the life time and point-by-point mapping of the local photo-electric response 

The new mapping mode is expected to have wide applications with solar cell devices research, opto-electronic devices (LED, OLED) research, and related studies. 

Park Systems’ dedication to support AFM user’s research and applications resulted in the company developing the most number of modes with its XE-AFM among the existing AFM manufacturers in the market. For over 25 years, Park Systems has developed reputation as the AFM technology leader among major universities, renowned research institutes and industry leaders seeking nanometrology solutions.

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