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Science through Scanning Probe Microscopy Workshop 2019 invites you to discuss this year two major topics - Material and Life science. StSPM19 will include the recent and most important findings from several scientific topics investigated by SPM. Moreover, the workshop will promote new tools, methods, most original findings and hypotheses as well as original ideas presented by (and for) a new generation of scientists.

Come visit our Italian representative Gambetti Kenologia Srl booth and learn more about significant technological advances of Park Systems AFMs that impact science! From advanced AFM applications, cutting-edge AFM automation to the high data accuracy and reliability learn about innovative features and application solutions for material and life sciences.


  • Event Dates: November 21 – November 22
  • Venue: Bologna, Area della Ricerca CNR, Italy
  • Our location: Gambetti Kenologia Srl booth


About the StSPM workshop:

StSPM workshops have been organized since 2013 and attracted participants from all around Italy to discuss progress of their state-of-the-art research through Scanning Probe Microscopy techniques. The workshop aims to illustrate the scientific progresses achieved in Italy thanks to SPM techniques.


Link: http://www.bo.ismn.cnr.it/stspm19ev/

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