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Magnetic Properties

Park Systems offers a range of magnetic scan modes that easily analyze the magnetic properties of a sample. Park AFM’s Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) module provides a user-friendly visualization of magnetic variations over the sample surface while the tunable magnetic field mode provides insight into a sample’s magnetic domain distribution.

Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM)

MFM mode with Park AFM measures the magnetic variations over a sample surface by detecting the interaction between a magnetized cantilever and the sample surface. The cantilever measures surface topography on the first scan, then lifts and follows either the stored surface topography (lift mode, available only in selected countries) maintaining a constant distance from the sample surface or a variable distance above the sample surface at a fixed height.

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Specifications :

Lateral resolution: 20 nm (depending on the tip size of the cantilever used)
Phase resolution: 0.01°

Tunable Magnetic Field MFM (TM-MFM)

TM-MFM mode with Park AFM measures the magnetic domain distribution with respect to magnetic field change.

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Specifications :

Requires a magnetic field generator accessory.
Adjustable magnetic field of -300 gauss ~ +300 gauss
Field resolution: 3 gauss

Magnetic Field Generator

The magnetic field generator applies an external magnetic field to the sample. The field can be changed from ±300 gauss and is parallel to the sample surface. The changes in magnetic structure can be observed through one of Park AFM’s MFM options.

Specifications :

Applying external magnetic field parallel to sample surface
Tunable magnetic field
Range: -300 - 300 gauss
Composed of pure iron core & two solenoid cells

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