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A wide range of environment control options including versatile electrochemistry cells, temperature stage, and glovebox with humidity control.

  Electrochemistry cells

• Electrochemistry cell
• Electrochemistry toolkit for universal liquid cell

  Electrochemistry options

• Potentiostat
• Bipotentiostat

  Environmental Control Options

• Glovebox
• Live cell chamber

  Temperature Controlled Stages

• Temperature controlled stage (-25 ~180 ºC)

  Z Scanner Heads

• 15 μm Z Scanner AFM head
• 30 μm Z Scanner AFM head
• 15 μm Z Scanner SICM module
• 30 μm Z Scanner SICM module

  In-Liquid Imaging Options

• Liquid probe hand
• Open liquid cell
• Universal liquid cell

  Acoustic Enclosure

• Stand alone type AE 204

  Clip-type Chip Carrier

• Can be used with unmounted cantilever
• Tip bias function available for conductive AFM and EFM
• Tip bias range: -10 V ~ 10 V

  Starter kits for advanced modes

• Easy to use for advanced modes
• Includes specialized probes and samples


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