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Technical Info

Built with multi-user facilities in mind

Park NX12 was built from the ground up to accommodate the needs of multi-user facilities. Other AFM solutions lack the required versatility to address the diverse needs of users in these facilities, making it difficult to justify the equipment cost. The Park NX12, however, is built to accommodate standard ambient AFM, in-liquid SPM and optical imaging, making it one of the most flexible AFMs available.


A modular platform for shared user facilities

  The Park NX12 is an Atomic Force Microscopy platform specifically tailored to address the needs of analytical and electrochemistry researchers as well as those working in shared use facilities.

  It provides a versatile solution for SPM based characterization of chemical and electrochemical properties and surface characterization in both air and liquid media for a broad range of opaque and transparent materials.

  The Park NX12 is easy to use for pipette based SPM techniques with broad visual optical access to the scanning probe.

  The Park NX12’s reasonable price and unparalleled accuracy makes it the ideal platform for multi-user facilities as well as early career researchers.


Multiple Applications

The Park NX12 can serve a wide range of functions, including PinPoint™ in-liquid and nanomechanical mapping, inverted optical microscopy to locate transparent samples, SICM for imaging ultra-soft samples, and enhanced vision to improve optics for transparent samples.





Comprehensive force spectroscopy solution

The Park NX12 provides a complete package for nanomechanical characterization in-liquid and in-air, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.



We make it easy to modify the Park NX12 to suit the unique needs of your lab by installing optional hardware and software add-ons even after installation.


Current-Distance(I-D) Spectroscopy

Acquiring Current-Distance Curve of SICM on the way of pipette approach (vertical direction movement) toward sample surface is beneficial to elucidate various biological and chemical phenomena in aqueous environment.

This beneficial application can be applied to a specific and interesting object of sample, identified with SICM’s non-invasive topography. Furthermore, utilizing the ‘current-distance curve mapping’ function enables researcher to examine and acquire the current-distance curve at multiple to reach a deeper level understanding for biological and chemical reaction research.


Park SmartScan™ makes scanning fast and simple

The Park NX12 is equipped with our SmartScan™ OS, making it one of the easiest to use AFMs in the market. With an intuitive but extremely powerful interface, even untrained users can quickly scan a sample without supervision. This lets senior researchers focus their experience on solving bigger problems and developing better solutions.


Shared labs often have users from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels. The NX12 can accommodate every user with its simple point and click interface and automated SmartScan™ mode.

Here is how it works after you turn on the AFM system


1. Click “Setup”

A small window guides you through animation to set the instrument and place the sample for imaging. Typically, this only takes a few minutes.

2. Click “Position”

The system automatically performs the frequency sweep for the cantilever, approaches the Z-stage to the sample, and autofocuses the sample allowing the user to see and navigate the area of interest for imaging.

3. Click “Image”

The system sets all the necessary parameters for optimum setting, then engages the cantilever and starts scanning the sample. It continues to scan until the image is acquired and completed.


The cantilever will disengage from the sample, and ready for the next sample imaging.

Park NX12 - Technical Info | Park Atomic Force Microscope