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    Atomic Force Microscope
    The most affordable research grade AFM
    with flexible sample handling

The economical choice for innovative research

Park XE7 has all the state-of-the-art technology you've come to expect from Park Systems, at a price your lab can afford. Designed with the same attention to detail as our more advanced models, the XE7 allows you to do your research on time and within budget.

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Park XE7



Uncompromised High Performance

Park XE7 provides accurate measurement at the highest nanoscale resolution than any other products in its class. It allows you to obtain sample images and its characteristic measurements true to its nano structure thanks to its flat, orthogonal, and linear scan measurements by its unique AFM architecture: independent XY and Z, flexure based scans. Furthermore, Park's unique True Non-Contact™ mode provides you with the sharpest images, scan after scan without declining resolution.

For Current and Future Needs

Park XE7 empowers you to innovate now and in the future. It gives you ready access to the largest number of measurement modes in the industry. You can employ any of these modes now, and in the future to support your evolving needs. What's more, the XE7 has the most open access design in the market that allows you to integrate and combine accessories and instruments to tailor it to your unique research requirements.

Easy to Use and High Productivity

Park XE7 together with its intuitive graphical user interface, and its automated tools, allows even novice users to get from sample placement to scan results, fast. Starting from pre-aligned tip mount, easy sample and tip exchange, simple laser alignment, on-axis top-down optical viewing, to user friendly scan controls and software processing, the XE7 provides the highest research productivity in AFM.

Economical Beyond the System Cost

Not only is Park XE7 the most affordable as a research grade AFM, but it is also the most economical in the total cost of ownership. Park's True Non-Contact™ mode technology found in the XE7 allows users to save money on costly probe tips. Moreover, Park XE7 offers you much longer product life and upgradeability as a result of its compatibility with the most extensive types of modes and options available in the industry.

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