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Electrical Properties

Park Systems offers a range of electrical scanning modes that can be used by engineers and researchers for highly accurate data measurement on conductance, sample resistance, and other electrical and topographic properties.

Conductive AFM

Conductive AFM mode with Park AFM provides accurate electrical conductivity information for material processing and characterization of electrical defects in nanomaterials such as nanotubes, conductive polymers, and semiconductors. It can also be used for detailed investigations of a sample’s properties by measuring leakage current and I/V curves of the sample.

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Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM)

SCM mode with Park AFM provides doping concentration information over the sample surface by measuring the capacitance change between tip and sample. The module enables a variable resonator frequency, which allows for a wide RF bandwidth capable of monitoring a large range of doping concentrations by selecting the most sensitive frequency of the resonator for a specific doping range.

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Specifications :

Frequency range : 600 MHz - 1500 MHz, selectable by software in ~0.1 MHz resolution
Frequency resolution : 2 kHz
Capacitance sensitivity : < 1 aF
SCM Phase resolution : : 0.005°

Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM)

SSRM mode with Park AFM precisely measures the local resistance over a sample surface by using a conductive AFM tip to scan a small region while applying a DC bias.

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STM image of YBCO super conductor Scan size: 2 µm

Specifications :

Bias range : -10 V - +10 V
Carrier concentration : 1015 - 1020 /cm3
Lateral resolution : < 10 nm

Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy (STS)

STS mode with Park AFM provides current-voltage (I/V) spectroscopy data at user-defined points which can then be used to analyze the local electronic states of the sample.

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Specifications :

Batch measurement on user defined points (max.128 x 128 points)
Applicable bias range: -10 V to 10 V
Current resolution: < 0.1 pA (ULCA option)

Time-resolved Photocurrent Mapping (Tr-PCM)

Tr-PCM mode with Park AFM measures the photoelectric response to time-resolved illumination without interference from unwanted light sources, including the feedback laser. This mode features a laser illumination module and acquisition and analysis software.

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Specifications :

Electric current resolution: 0.03 nA
Acquisition time resolution: 20 µsec
Automatic analysis of life-time from photocurrent curves

Park Scanning Probe Microscopy Modes