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For optimal performance with our AFM systems please request a quote from Park Systems. Mounted cantilevers are additionally tested. All probes that are not listed here from Adama Innovations, Nanosensors™, Nanotools GmbH, Nanoworld AG, BudgetSensors, Olympus Corp., MikroMasch, Applied Nano Structures, Inc. are possible to order from our probe store. Probes from other manufacturers also can be possible to order upon request for quotation. The performance of probes ordered from other sources are not guaranteed.

Probe Force Constant (N/m) Frequency (kHz ) Manufacture Short Description Quote
PPP-EFM 2.8 75 Nanosensors ▪ Probe for SCM/DC-EFM/PFM
▪ Backside reflective coating (Cr-PtIr5)
▪ Conductive tip for electrical application, coated with Cr-PrIr5
▪ Typical tip length: 10 - 15 μm
▪ Typical tip radius: <25 nm
▪ Mounted type on ceramic chip carrier
▪ Unmounted type required for clip type probehand
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The new PointProbe® Plus (PPP) combines the well-known features of the proven PointProbe® series such as high application versatility and compatibility with most commercial SPMs with a more reproducible tip radius as well as a more defined tip shape. The minimized variation in tip shape provides more reproducible images.

The PPP-EFM probe is offered for electrostatic force microscopy. An overall metallic coating (PtIr5) on both sides of the cantilever increasing the electrical conductivity of the tip. The force constant of this type is specially tailored for the electrostatic force microscopy yielding very high force sensitivity while simultaneously enabling tapping mode and lift mode operation.

Property Nominal Value Specified Range
Thickness /µm 3 2.0 - 4.0
Mean Width /µm 28 20 - 35
Length /µm 225 215 - 235
Force Constant /(N/m) 2.8 0.5 - 9.5
Resonance Frequency /kHz 75 45 - 115
25Pt300B 18 14 Rocky Mountain Nanotechnology ▪ Contact cantilever for conductive AFM(C-AFM)/SCM
▪ Solid platinum tip
▪ Recommended for high voltage/current application above ±10 V or 1 µA
▪ Mounted type on ceramic chip carrier
▪ Unmounted type required for clip type chip carrier
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The solid platinum probe, whose tip radius is smaller than 20nm, shows better performance than a typical metal-coated probes.

Cantilever Data Nominal Value Specified Range
Tip shank length /µm 80 ± 25%
Cantilever length /µm 300 ± 15%
Cantilever width /µm 110 ± 15%
Spring constant /(N/m) 18 ± 40%
Frequency /kHz 20 ± 30%
Tip radius /nm < 20  


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