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For optimal performance with our AFM systems please request a quote from Park Systems. Mounted cantilevers are additionally tested. All probes that are not listed here from Adama Innovations, Nanosensors™, Nanotools GmbH, Nanoworld AG, BudgetSensors, Olympus Corp., MikroMasch, Applied Nano Structures, Inc. are possible to order from our probe store. Probes from other manufacturers also can be possible to order upon request for quotation. The performance of probes ordered from other sources are not guaranteed.

Probe Force Constant (N/m) Frequency (kHz ) Manufacture Short Description Quote
Glass NanoPipette       ▪ Pipette for SICM
▪ Borosilicate glass pipette
▪ Pipette opening diameter: d = ~100nm
▪ Minimum order quantities are 10ea
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