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Welcome to Park Systems’ Q4 Newsletter

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Featured Application

Non-invasive In-liquid Imaging by Ion Conductance Microscopy (ICM) 

With the existing research tools available in the market today, it has been virtually impossible to perform nanoscale imaging of single live cells. In particular, cellular membrane surfaces are transparent to optical microscopy methods, and too soft to produce any contrast or even endure probing by AFM method.  Ion Conductance Microscopy (ICM) is the only non-invasive in-liquid scanning probe technique that does not apply any force over its sample surface, making it ideal for nanoscale imaging of single live cells, in particular soft cellular membranes. It can be further adapted to enable a host of powerful applications in nano-manipulated electrophysiology and cell motility studies, whose examples include targeted localized stimulation, monitoring, and drug delivery at the cellular level. Click here for further information on the mechanism and applications of ICM

Featured Product

XE-3DM: New 3D AFM for High Resolution Sidewall Imaging

Continuing the company’s impressive track record of developing optimized solutions, Park Systems re-introduces XE-3DM, a fully automated AFM designed for overhang and trench profiles, sidewall roughness and imaging, and critical angle measurements. With Park Systems’ unique decoupled XY and Z scanning system, allows for characterization of undercut features as well as top surfaces. In using Park Systems’ True Non-Contact mode, the XE-3DM can realize non-destructive imaging of soft photoresist structures without deforming or damaging them. Click here  for the detailed product information.  

News and Events

Park Systems Corp. Announces New 3D AFM Patent Granted for its XE-3DM Technology  

Suwon, South Korea, Nov 19, 2009 - Park Systems Corp., the inventor of the Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) AFM technology and a leading nanotechnology solutions partner for research and industry, today announced that its new 3D AFM patent applications has been allowed in the United States further expanding upon its worldwide protection. US application 11/601,144, filed by Park Systems Corp. with an international priority date of November 17, 2006, covers Park Systems' unique method of a high resolution sidewall imaging by deliberately and independently tilting the Z-scanner in its patented Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) AFM platform where XY and Z scanners are completely and independently decoupled. Click here  for the rest of the news article

Park Systems Has Been Chosen as First-Place Winner of Peter Drucker Innovation Award  

Suwon, South Korea, June 17, 2009 - Park Systems Corp., the inventor of the Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) AFM technology and a leading nanotechnology solutions partner for research and industry, today announced that it was chosen as the first-place winner of the Innovation Award for the small and medium enterprise by Peter Drucker Society of Korea on June 17th, 2009. The award recognizes the innovative entrepreneurship that leads the people it serves. Click here  for the rest of the news article

Upcoming Exhibitions

MRS Fall , December 1st ~ 3rd, Boston, USA
Come and visit us at the 2009 MRS Fall Meeting  (Booth 317). See the award winning XE-100, an instrument based on the unique XE (cross talk eliminated) AFM platform. See the system in action and learn about artifact free, true noncontact imaging technology.

ASCB Annual Meeting , December 6th ~ 8th, San Diego, USA
Come and visit us at the 2009 ASCB Annual Meeting  (Booth 1246). See the XE-Bio, AFM for live cell imaging, a powerful 3-in-1 microscope that combines industry’s only True Non-Contact AFM, Ion Conductance Microscope (ICM), and inverted optical microscope into one instrument. See the system and learn about non-invasive, high resolution, in-liquid imaging technique for live cells.

Semicon Japan , December 2nd ~ 4th, Chiba, Japan  
We cordially invite you to visit our booth (2C-607) at the Semicon Japan. We expect the exhibition to serve as a wonderful opportunity for attendees to learn more about Park Systems’ industrial product line. There will be two presentations, Exhibitor Seminar and P&T Release, by our industrial product manager, Samuel Byun, from the global headquarters, entitled “Dimensional Nanometrology and Sidewall Lithometrology with Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)” on December 4th and 2nd respectively. The presentation will highlight how Park Systems’ new 3D AFM & its True Non-Contact mode enable non-destructive sidewall roughness measurement of soft photoresist structures for the first time in AFM history.

- Exhibitors Seminar: 15:30-16:20 on Dec. 4th

- P&T Release: 14:00-14:20 on Dec. 2nd 

Images from Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) AFM

Sidewall roughness measurement of photonic waveguide by the XE-3DM  

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