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Closed-loop XY scan with dual servo achieves the unprecedented accuracy and orthogonality in AFM scans 

Santa Clara, California, USA, December 3, 2012 

Park Systems announces today the release of a closed-loop XY scanner with a Dual Servo system. This innovation loosely decouples the X and Y scanners to eliminate crosstalk and adds a symmetrical, low-noise position sensor on each axis to produce the most accurate and orthogonal (independent) atomic force microscopy in the industry.

Dr. Sang-il Park, the founder and CEO of Park Systems describes the new system this way, “In its Crosstalk Elimination technology, Park AFM utilizes two independent flexure scanners, one for the sample and one for the probe. This introduces a highly beneficial decoupling of the XY and Z movements in an AFM scan. Now, with Duo Servo technology, the flexure XY scanner separates the X and Y scan motion while retaining a small coupling between their movements to accommodate accurate scans as the sample gets bigger and the scan area increases. In the Dual Servo system, a symmetrical, low-noise position sensor, incorporated on each axis of the XY scanner, corrects and compensates for non-linear and non-planar positional errors.” 

The X and Y position sensors work in a sophisticated self-correcting closed-loop system with a separate Z position sensor. This is the key technological advance of the new Park NX10 and Park NX20 atomic force microscope systems. The new X and Y position sensors dramatically reduce the forward and backward scan gap over a wide bandwidth, which they maintain at less than 0.15%, the best in the industry. The Dual Servo system provides linear and orthogonal feedback control for the highest accuracy and most precise scan for any scan area or sample size.

The addition of highly integrated feedback from independent X, Y and Z sensors into NX technology builds on Park’s leadership in producing the highest AFM data accuracy. NX technology is currently available in the Park NX10, a premium research-grade small-sample AFM, and the Park NX20, a high-end large-sample AFM designed for failure analysis and quality assurance. For more information, please visit our website at www.parkAFM.com/nx or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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