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October has been yet another busy month for Park Systems with exhibitions and conferences across the world. The remaining two months of year 2008 are also expected to be full of events and activities.  The upcoming MRS Fall 2008 in Boston, USA, is a not-to-be missed chance to see the extensive range of Park Systems' XE-AFMs which includes our latest products XE-Bio and XE-NSOM/Raman (NSOM/Raman are no longer available). If you are engaged in hard disk drive sector and are based in China, please consider coming to the keynote speech by Dr R.Yoo, director of global sales and marketing of Park Systems, at the IDEMA members’ Networking Night in Shenzhen. Details of all the upcoming exhibitions can be found as below:

Research AFM

-  NanoThailand Symposium 2008, November 6-8, Bangkok, Thailand

-  ICTF14, November 17-20, Gent Belgium

-  Scientific Instruments Show, November 26-28, Tokyo, Japan

-  Precision engineering and nanotechnology, November 26-27, veghel the Netherlands

-  MRS Fall, December 2-4, Boston, USA

-  RusNanoTech, December 3-5, Moscow, Russia

-  The Biophysical Society of Japan, December 3-5, Fukuoka-city, Japan

Industrial AFM

-  Semicon Japan 2008, December 3-5, Makuhari, Chiba-city, Japan


IDEMA Members’ Networking Night, November 21st, Shenzhen, China

Dr. Ryan Yoo, director of global sales and marketing of Park Systems, is the keynote speaker for IDEMA Networking Members’ Night in Shenzhen. The evening  promises to be an informative and entertaining occassion with participation from major hard disk drive manufacturers in the region includingHitachi GST, Kaifa, and SAE. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information for the evening.

IDEMA Asia Pacific Traveling Symposium, October 17th - 20th, China and Thailand

Traveling Symposium organized by IDEMA Asia Pacific provides an excellent opportunity for networking and exchanging the latest information and news from the hard disk drive industry. This years Traveling Symposium was another success with distinguished speakers from major players in the industry. Dr. Ryan Yoo, director of global sales and marketing, Park Systems, gave an invited talk entitled Dimensional Nanometrology with Atomic Force Microscopy at the Traveling Symposium in China and Thailand. Dr. Yoos presentation provided the latest update on Park Systems technology development in inline AFM solutions including the innovative approach to automate slider characterization and measure undercut structures. The audience appreciated the refreshingly innovative technologies of Park Systems that accurately addressed the industry’s needs. Park Systems latest products for HDD industry were introduced during the table-top exhibition in the symposium and drew much interest from the local engineers. Please click here for the abstract of Dr Yoos talk.

Diskcon USA 2008 – Introduction to Park Systems’ HDD-Optimize Program  


This years Diskcon USA was held in Santa Clara, USA as a two-day conference. The conference offered the latest technical developments and manufacturing solutions in HDD industry as well as providing the most up-to-date data storage advancements Park Systems XE-3DM, our automated AFM solution for undercut and sidewall metrology, has drawn crowds of engineers to our booth. XE-PTR and XE-HDM, our best-selling AFM solutions for slider metrology and media inspection respectively, attracted continuous and active interest from numerous visitors during the show.  Park Systems unique strength to deliver optimized solutions by forming successful partnership with clients have been acknowledged by major HDD manufacturers in the US, Japan and South East Asia.

Park Systems Singapore: the latest addition to Park Systems’ overseas offices

Sales activities and interests for Park Systems XE-AFMs have been growing rapidly in South East Asia for the past years. Our success in the region called for the addition of a third overseas office in Singapore, in support of sales and service of our customers and prospects alike. Mr. Francis Khong, the newly appointed general manager of Park Systems Singapore following his 18 years in Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, commented; I am delighted to take this opportunity to lead Park Systems regional activities in South East Asia as a general manager. Park Systems has been leading AFM technology innovations for the last 25 years and I am excited to share the companys spirit of innovation and partnership in the region. Dr. Ryan Yoo, Director of Global Sales and Marketing of Park Systems, said; . I am certain that our new Singapore office and the appointment of Francis Khong will provide the right support at the right time for Park Systems ever-growing presence in the region.       

Images by XE-AFM

DNA origami observed by Atomic Force Microscopy and Ion Conductance Microscopy

The DNA origami method allows the folding of long, single-stranded DNA sequences into arbitrary two-dimensional structures by a set of designed oligonucleotides . DNA is considered as one of the most popular candidates for nanostructural building block by many nano scientists. Prof. Dr. Besenbacher demonstrates a design of dolphin like DNA origami structure and AFM figures .
Following figures demonstrate the Non-Contact AFM and the ICM (Ion Conductance Microscopy) imaging of dolphin shape DNA origami with well preserved tail formation without any post-processing of acquired images.


-Figure 1. AFM image of dolphin shaped DNA. Scan size 10 µm.
-Figure 2. AFM image of the same sample of 1 µm scan size. The shape of the dolphin and its following tail is seen from the image. Scan size 1 µm
-Figure 3. ICM image of the same sample. Measuring ion current through a nano-pipette, soft biological sample can be observed without damaging the sample.

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