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February 21, 2020, Mannheim, Germany

With the beginning of 2020, Park Systems, a leading innovator of atomic force microscopy (AFM) technology, increases the business investment in Europe by inaugurating a new scientific facility for academic and industrial research in Mannheim, Germany.


Park Systems Opens Park Nanoscience Center Equipped with Cleanroom and Line of Academic and Industrial Tools

The Grand Opening Ceremony of the new Nanoscience Center Europe took place last Tuesday, February 18, 2020, gathering customers, collaborators and business partners from all over Europe and South Korea. “It is hard to put in words how glad and, at the same time, how amazed I am, looking at the fast-growing European business and technological innovation in Europe. In the last 10 years, we have been observing a tremendous increase of demand for our nanoscale research and metrology tools in Europe, which brought us here today. I am proud to inaugurate this new high-tech facility in Germany, which, I am sure, will serve in an excellent way to meet market needs and customers’ expectations,” proudly said Dr. Sang-il Park, CEO of Park Systems, while symbolically cutting the red ribbon to the new facility.

The high-tech laboratory is the first regional subsidiary in Europe facilitating a brand-new cleanroom with Park NX-Wafer automated AFM. “With steadily growing hard disk and wafer semiconductor sector our goal and mission is to address the current metrological challenges of ever-reducing device geometrical dimensions and to support our customers with the most innovative technological solutions,” commented Victor Bergmann, Application Director at Park Systems Europe. On the top of that, the new NanoScience Center is equipped with full range of academic research AFMs, including Park NX10, small sample AFM for material and life science, Park NX20, large sample AFM for electrical nano-characterization, and Park NX-Hivac, advanced high vacuum AFM for failure analysis and sensitive material research.

“Park Systems has grown a lot in the past years, which is definitely helpful also for our joint development efforts with Park. The new joint development project that we have just signed this month showcases the best and beautiful collaboration we have together,” commented Kristof Paredis, R&D Manager from imec during the ceremony.

“In the last three years Park Systems Europe has experienced tremendous growth! From one small office in 2017 to two-office facility in 2019, and from three employees to a 15-head team in Europe today! And this all serves as the best reflection of Park Systems’s business growth, here, in Europe, as well as globally,” enthusiastically commented Ludger Weisser, the General Manager of Park Systems.

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