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Park Systems, world leader in Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), announces Park SmartLitho, a newly added mode to the revolutionary Park SmartScan™ operating system on Park Systems AFM systems. Park SmartLitho is next-generation nanopatterning technology for nanodevices, offering significant potential for customized nanosensor surface modification.

Nanolithography processes are controlled by Park SmartLitho software using a convenient user interface, which makes the lithography process as easy as drawing a picture with simple graphics software. Just by mouse manipulation, objects can be easily drawn, resized, and moved. Bitmap images can be imported for rasterizing and vector nanolithography.

“Park SmartLitho is an AFM based nanolithography or nanomanipulation mode integrated into Park SmartScan operating software, a well-known AFM OS for every user from amateurs to experts” states Keibock Lee, Park Systems President. “The many applications for SmartLitho include the creation of integrated circuits and parts for semiconductor technology, where the ability to construct extremely compact transistors and circuits enables the building of smaller devices, as well as improving the components' power efficiency and performance.”

Park SmartLitho performs nanolithography by applying either excessive force or voltage bias. For the normal nanolithography mode using a Park AFM system, the available range of the applied voltage is -10 V to +10 V. For special situations requiring a higher voltage range, High Voltage Nanolithography mode has been developed. With the External High Voltage Tool Kit, the AFM system can be connected to an external voltage amplifier, enabling the experiments or measurements to use a tip or sample bias exceeding 10 V. The available voltage range for High Voltage Lithography depends on the external voltage amplifier used.

The Park SmartLitho software offers a variety of lithography modes, supports both vector mode and raster mode, has an easy user interface using Park Systems’s proprietary SmartScan operating system and provides a stand-alone convenient drawing editor.

“Using Park SmartLitho, a bias-assisted nanopatterning of complicated structures can be readily done by locally oxidizing the surface of a silicon wafer and switching ferroelectric domains of a PZT film,” adds Lee.

Another important feature is that Park SmartLitho supports nanomanipulation applications by providing easy to use UI environment of setting parameters for targeted object manipulation. Hence, it provides a complete solution to device engineering applications.

The highly user-friendly Park SmartLitho allows even inexperienced and untrained users the ability to do lithography or nanomanipulation with proficiency, accuracy and speed. Park Systems state-of-the-art SmartLitho also operates in a closed-loop system to produce vector nanolithography, crucial for today’s advanced circuit designs and structures.

Visit the Park Systems Virtual Booth at ACS to learn more about Park SmartLitho or go to http://www.parksystems.com/smartlitho

This AFM topography image reveals that the design of the nanoscale oxide patterns generated by
voltage-biased AFM nanolithography using Park NX10 and SmartLitho™ software is various intricate patterns composed of multiple tiny oxide nanostructures with heights ranging from 0.8–1.5 nm.


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