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Atomic Force Microscopy Disc Storage Market: Worldwide Market Share Reaches 90%
XE-Wafer sys afmFully automated industrial AFM for Wafer-based inspection and Metrology

Park Systems , a leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems and nano metrology tools for research labs and industry has recently announced a 90 percent market share in the disc storage market for AFM. Park AFM offers superior technology and performance unmatched by the competition, specifically the highest accuracy in nanoscale due to the independent XY stage and Z scanner architecture, and flexure based design, the low operating cost by its unique True Non-Contact AFM, and many automated features for ease of use in failure analysis lab and production environments. Since 2007, Park has gained a reputation as the technology leader of nanoscale measurement and systems in both research and industry and their impressive client list that includes Harvard, Stanford, NASA, NIST, Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital.

“Our recent successes, which include capturing 90 percent of the hard disc industry market, were accomplished by outperforming our competition,” commented Keibock Lee, Park Systems President. “The old technology was riddled with problems and limitations, so Park created a new architecture and perfected the non-contact scanning technology that drastically increased accuracy and usability while bringing down the total cost of ownership of AFM tools. The manufacturers switched to Park AFM with the proof that our superior technology would meet their needs in the short and long term.”

Park Systems achieved the impressive market share in the disc storage market thru a focused effort on customer needs and performance requirements, resulting in a superior AFM product. In this highly competitive market, where a transition from one vendor to another means eventually replacing all the tools, each costing a million dollars, it is a testament to Park’s customer service and technology strengths that the manufacturers switched vendors.

Park is constantly developing and enhancing their products to meet the ever increasing stringent industry requirements and they continue to invest heavily in research and development to provide the most advanced AFM for failure analysis and quality assurance.

Park is the only AFM that provides the 3D scanning with rotated head and automated defect reviews which can pin point hundreds of defects in the time it would take less than ten to find in manual method. In the case of its new 3D AFM tool, it allows customers to do side wall angle and roughness measurements that were not possible before. Park also developed and deployed a Programmable Density Scanning for the read/write poles. Programmable Data Density AFM scanning is done to magnify the region of interest, enabling customers to do more effective pole tip recession metrology. For the semiconductor and hard disk industry, Park AFM can measure below 0.3 angstrom of roughness, now the cutting edge in industry requirement.

Park’s customer service is offered virtually round the clock from both Korea and from the U.S. offices utilizing both remote control and on-site support, adding to customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run. For more information on Park Systems, please visithttp://www.parkafm.com or call 408-986-1110.


About Park Systems

Park Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems with complete range of products for researchers and industry engineers in biological science, materials research, semiconductor and storage industries. Park’s AFM provides highest data accuracy, superior productivity, and lowest operating cost. Park Systems is the world market share leader in automated AFM for semiconductor and hard disk industries. To find out more, please visit 
http://www.parkAFM.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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