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Today, Apr. 27, 2007, PSIA Changes Name to Park Systems Corp. to reflect new focus on nanometrology systems, software and expertise.

Park Systems Corp. was founded as PSIA in 1997 by Dr. Sang-il Park, a co-founder of Park Scientific Instruments, one of the pioneers in developing commercialized AFM. PSIA changed its name to Park Systems to reflect the company’s focus on total metrological solutions and AFM and SPM (scanning probe microscopes) for both small and large-sample measurement, Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM) and Raman spectrometry (NSOM/Raman are no longer available). In addition, the company also offers an industrial product line that extends its innovative XE technology to a variety of metrological applications, including hard disk inspection, next-generation sliders, sidewall/overhang imaging and profiling, and semiconductors.



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