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Get yourself "electrified" by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and join us for the online AFM courses from Research to Industry Applications!

If you missed our LIVE online journey in April-May 2020 featuring LIVE webinars and demos on advanced electrical modes and AFM automation of the future, NO WORRIES! Here, you can catch up on all sessions on-demand!

The virtual journey includes webinars on sideband KPFM, advanced PFM, and advances in SCM, as well as 3 demo sessions on how AFM automation can boost the quality and productivity of your academic and industrial research!

Simply click on the title and watch the on-demand recording!

Part I Electrified by NextGen Electrical Modes

Thumbnail KPFM WEBINARAcademic and industrial research focused on current and novel ferroelectric and semiconductor applications require high resolution electrical imaging for device characterization. The electrical atomic force microscopy modes Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM), Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM)and Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) visualize electrical and electromechanical properties on the nanoscale and thereby offer crucial insights for failure analysis, device optimization and investigation of novel materials.

Thumbnail PFMKPFM images potential and workfunction distributions on thin films and inside device structures. Providing researchers with reliable quantitative potential maps requires a high potential resolution achieved via sideband KPFM. By detecting local changes in the electrostatic capacitance between tip and sample, SCM visualizes doping profiles in semiconductor devices, which can be used to identify faulty device structures or characterize novel layouts. PFM probes the electromechanical properties mapping the local piezoresponse of crystalline structures. However, due to the strong dependence of the PFM signals on the contact mechanics between tip and sample, different measurement modes, including dual frequency resonance tracking, can enhance and stabilize the PFM response.

In Part I of our webinar series we will introduce and demonstrate the above mentioned techniques on an NX20 Atomic Force Microscope by Park Systems.



PFM-DFRT AppNote:  Stabilizing the piezoresponse for accurate and crosstalk-free ferroelectric domain characterization via dual frequency resonance tracking I Read here


Part II Electrified by Automation –Productivity & Quality Boost!

Learn how automation features can easily be implemented into your workflow to boost the productivity in your lab. Whether you need to measure many samples, repeat similar measurement patterns on a daily basis or even do qualitycontrol by checking the same measurement location for different samples over and over again, there is the right tool for your needs.

We introduce you to our software capabilities starting on the research oriented SmartScanTM software with high flexibility, up to the industrial world of XEA with alignment features and pattern recognition for quality control. Don’t waste your time sitting in front of the tool, let the tool do the work for you.

In Part II of the live demos series we demonstrate the above-mentioned capabilities on the NX20 Large Sample AFM and NX-Wafer Full Automated AFM from Park Systems.


            SmatScan StepScan  Automation QC 2  FULL-AUTOMATION 

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