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Park Systems will exhibit at the APS April Meeting April 17-20, 2021 and present a workshop at the virtual conference at 12 pm CST on April 17. Please join us in our exhibitor booth and at our workshop. We look forward to seeing you there virtually.

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Armando Melgarejo, Park Systems’ engineer, will virtually present “Nanomechanical Characterization Using PinPointTM for Atomic Force Microscopy Applications” at 12 pm CST on April 17. Link to the event here.


Why use PinPointTM Nanomechanical mode? PinPointTM is an advance imaging mode developed by Park Systems, that acquires high-resolution topography and F/D data at each pixel of the entire scan area. With PinPointTM mode, quantitative nanomechanical properties (i.e., modulus, adhesion, topography) can be obtained all at once. This presentation will cover PinPoint’sTM operation principle and the acquisition of nanomechanical properties through this method will be demonstrated using a Park Systems NX10 AFM.

ARS2021 3

Figure. Polystyrene - Low density polyolefin elastomer sample (PS-LDPE). Modulus image obtained by PinpointTM shows the difference in modulus (MPa to GPa) of the different materials in the PS-LDPE sample.

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